Photography by Ian Mazursky

Landscape, Portraits, Fashion & Prints

         Advanced Photoshop® Probably the best Photoshop magazine i have seen
         American Photo Magazine
         Digital Photo Pro Magazine
         PopPhoto Magazine
         Professional Photographer Magazine
         Range Finder Magazine
         Studio Photography & Design Magazine

Photography Art Magazines:
         Aperture Foundation
         Blind Spot
         COLORS Magazine is one of the most amazing and though provoking publication i have ever read!

Internet Art Magazines:
MAGNAchrom. The Alternative Journal of Medium and Large Format Photography
         Tone The e-journal of analog and digital photography
Technical Publications & Resources:
         A Comparison of Various Film Scanners and Digital Captures
, Resources for Creative Professionals
Mac OS X Server 10.4.9: Mac OS 9 client cannot copy some files via AFP
         Paul Butzi Articles on Photography


TV Shows
         BBC - Torchwood
BBC - Doctor Who

Music & Literature
         Galamusic Singer
His Dark Materials | BridgeToTheStars.Net Philip Pullaman
Neal Stephenson Author