Photography by Ian Mazursky

Landscape, Portraits, Fashion & Prints

Calumet Travelite 1125 2 head kit w/ travelpak battery
From Bowens
6" (15cm) Wide Angle Umbrella Reflector
7" (17.8cm) Deep Reflector for Grids
Grid Set for 7" (17.8cm) Reflector
8" (20cm) Reflector (60°)
Bowens 1000dx

Profoto Acute 2 - 2400ws pack with 2 heads
Speedotron Brown Line pack and heads

From Amvona
UmbrelSoft™ shoot-through umbrella by DynaPhos™
DPS Pro Softbox by DynaPhos™
DPN-36 ProfileElite™ Strip Softbox by DynaPhos™
5' Narrow Profile Octagonal Light Bank by DynaPhos™
7' Narrow Profile Octagonal Light Bank by DynaPhos™
Shooting Table

Mola Demi beauty dish
Nikon SB 800 flash
Quantum Qflash T and turbo Battery
Sekonic L718 digimaster flash meter w/ spot attachment
Ascor light pack & heads
Stroboframe flash bracket