Photography by Ian Mazursky

Landscape, Portraits, Fashion & Prints

I have reluctantly decided too part with some of my beloved equipment.
I have to make room for more!

Best offer accepted, please contact me at 914 450 7144

Color Management Equipment for sale
         2x Xrite DTP-41-B usb spectrophotometer
         Xrite 408 handheld densitometer
         Xrite 508 handheld spectro densitometer

         Monaco profiler gold 4.8 (Dongle) SOLD
         Monaco profiler platinum 4.8 (Dongle)
         2x Gretag Spectrolino with spectroscan table's
         Gretag D19c all features enabled SOLD
         Gretag monitor calibrator original model

         3 Drums for an optronics colorgetter 3 pro scanner
         Mounting station for an optronics colorgetter 3 pro scanner
         Prazio Scanning Supplies

Film Recorder:
         Polaroid ProPalette 6000 film recorder

         Many, many parts for iris 5000/4Print series printers
         Including Paper, Rip, Ink Pumps and waste modules.......
         Desay Vinyl Cutter Model XY-380P
         Latran Prediction 1420 Digital Proofer
         HP Designjet 5500 UV 42"

         Byers 3500 slide mounter with 1 line imprinter
         Sickles 3300 Slide duplicator
         Wing Lynch model 4E Rotary tube processor
         I also have tuns of spare parts, tubes, nitro vavle.....
         Wing Lynch water panel